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Many vets are finding more and more cats and dogs have digestive and skin issues. 

Problems occur because we are feeding food to our pets that have become too far removed from their natural diets. Dogs and cats are carnivores. In the wild they would get the majority of their nutritional needs from meat sources, with the remainder coming from fruits and vegetables. 
If you read the label of many (but not all) of the ingredients of today's feeds, they rely on grains (corn, wheat, barley and rice) to provide ingredients. Dogs and cats are biologically incapable of fully digesting these grains. This is because they don't have an enzyme called amylase in their saliva which helps to break down these starchy carbohydrates. So they are not ideal at providing energy for our pets 
Wheat Barley and corn are also linked with allergies with symptoms ranging from upset stomachs to itchy flaky coats.  

We have found a number of dog and cat foods that may overcome these problems

If you have a dog or cat that doesn't eat or has either digestive or skin problems, bring them in and our trained staff will go through a number of options with you. They will:- 
° Make a huge fuss of you and your pet (don't be jealous if they make more fuss of the pet!) 
° Discuss the ingredients of your current feed 
° Recommend one of our new feeds depending on the problem 
° Help you find the perfect food for your dog 
For dogs and cats we have:-  
Dry foods: 
Canagan: British made which is grain free and a minimum 60% nutritious animal ingredients, formulated with low carbohydrates. For further information visit 
Symply: British made.Wheat gluten free hypoallergenic recipes, freshly prepared ingredients to equivalent human food grade standard. 
Wet food: 
Natural Instinct.: A Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF), a balanced diet made from all natural, 100% British human-grade ingredients with no cereals or fillers 

Phee who is fed on Symply Light and Senior. Doesn't she look good! 

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